LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site and with over 660 million users in more than 200 countries across the globe you can see why. It’s a powerful channel enabling businesses to increase their brand awareness, build credibility and grow professional connections. Here are 10 key LinkedIn stats that you need to know. They support the business case for including LinkedIn in your marketing strategy and tactics.

The numbers speak for themselves

In a B2B sales environment, LinkedIn is an essential tool. When an average LinkedIn session lasts over six minutes and more than 30 million companies listed, this is a channel where you need to be seen.

It’s a great channel for establishing thought leadership, as well as sharing other forms of content such as White Papers, infographics and videos. Its important to remember who your target audience is and what content is relevant to them.

LinkedIn stats from a hubspot survey showed that 36% of users rely on their LinkedIn feed to get the latest news. Which means this is a great platform to share news and content.

LinkedIn is a Great Place to Find Decision Makers

LinkedIn stats indicate there are 90 million senior-level influencers using the platform. With 63 million decision makers and 17 million opinion leaders. (source: LinkedIn) you cans see why its an important channel for your business. Also a 2018 study, showed that 33% of millionaires also use Linkedin.

A large proportion of LinkedIn users are aged between 25 and 34, which accounts for 38% of all users. (Source: DataReportal)

Lead conversion

A key LinkedIn stats for businesses is the role the it plays as part of the buyer journey and the lead conversion. 52% of buyers say LinkedIn has the most influence on their research process before purchasing a product (survey from demandbase). When you combine this with LinkedIn’s conversion rate of 2.74% (Source: Hubspot), you can see why LinkedIn is a key channel for B2B marketing.


These key LinkedIn stats demonstrate why the channel is essential for B2B marketers. These insights can help you plan an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. You know your target audience are spending time on LinkedIn, which means you need to be seen where they are.

Its an excellent source of high-quality content, where you can contribute, and share thought leadership. LinkedIn is an efficient channel for acquiring and converting leads.