19 04, 2024

Business resilience through marketing mastery

2024-05-27T16:51:26+01:00April 19th, 2024|Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

Today’s commercial landscape remains volatile, uncertain and challenging. Where uncertainty lurks around every corner and disruption remains the ‘not-so-new’ norm, the concept of business resilience emerges as a business need, more than ever. So, the question is how does one cultivate this resilience, this ability to weather storms and emerge stronger on the other side? [...]

21 03, 2024

Harnessing the power of email marketing: A prescription for success

2024-04-23T16:41:33+01:00March 21st, 2024|Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

Email marketing continues to be a ‘go-to’ strategy to build brand awareness, drive customer engagement, nurture prospects, generate leads and increase revenue generation. But, like any marketing strategy, email marketing comes with its own set of challenges. As a cornerstone of digital marketing, email marketing offers unparalleled reach and efficacy, but it also comes with [...]

7 02, 2024

Mastering the art of converting strangers into valuable customers

2024-02-07T18:20:10+00:00February 7th, 2024|Lead generation, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

For any business, winning new customers can be time consuming and costly. The process of winning new customers means overcoming the challenges of turning strangers into loyal customers. Strategic marketing, with a clear marketing plan can make this conversion easier, but there is no silver bullet that makes this easy. Here are a few tips [...]

13 08, 2023

The Lipstick Effect: Its influence on Marketing Strategy

2023-08-21T09:22:02+01:00August 13th, 2023|Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

The psychology of consumer behaviour is a vast and intricate realm, peppered with phenomena that business leaders must consider. One such phenomenon, particularly relevant in times of economic downturn, is the 'Lipstick Effect' or the ‘Lipstick Factor’. This principal highlights consumer tendencies and their behaviour during tough times. It can influence the way businesses position [...]

18 06, 2023

How well do you know your ideal customer?

2023-08-29T11:57:53+01:00June 18th, 2023|Guides, Lead generation, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, one fundamental principle holds true: understanding your audience is paramount. No matter how innovative your product or service may be, without a deep understanding of the people you are trying to reach, your marketing efforts are likely to fall flat. How well do you really know your [...]

20 03, 2023

Why you need to invest in a B2B ‘always-on’ marketing strategy

2023-03-28T17:33:12+01:00March 20th, 2023|Lead generation, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

Today we live in a digital world where customers, and that includes us, expect to receive a tailored, personalised service 24/7. According to google 75% of smartphone users expect immediate information whenever they open a website tab. And an astounding 51% believe that businesses should be contactable at any time, from any place. Historically these [...]

12 10, 2022

What are the right marketing activities for your business?

2023-08-21T15:14:35+01:00October 12th, 2022|Email Marketing, Guides, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips, SEO, Social Media|

Without any marketing plan or strategy, businesses are simply offering their products or services, in the hope that whatever they are doing will work. Let’s face it, you might have the best widget, that your target customers would love, if only they knew about it. But if they don’t know about you, then your widget [...]

4 02, 2021

Key ingredients for creating a successful marketing plan

2021-02-05T19:23:32+00:00February 4th, 2021|Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

As Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Obviously, this quote applies to many things, and nowhere is it more relevant than with a marketing plan. So often businesses talk about ‘doing marketing’, but a plan for marketing is just as important as planning for all other functions of your business. [...]

5 01, 2021

Why you should invest in marketing when times are tough

2021-03-12T20:24:49+00:00January 5th, 2021|Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tips|

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a tough year and the start of 2021 is not looking much better. With Brexit complete and COVID-19, the UK economy is in recession and the economic outlook looks pretty gloomy. Businesses all over the world of all shapes and sizes are struggling. Sales and profits are down and [...]

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