Does it feel like no one knows who you are? Frustrated that your business is the best kept secret in the industry. Buyers can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. One of the most crucial aspects of business success is your visibility. You know you have something great that customers will love, but if you’re business is invisible, they will go to your competitors.

How visible is your business?

If you don’t appear in front of your target audience, they will end up choosing someone else. The best way to increase the number of customers you win, is to increase your visibility. How to stop your business being invisible requires a number of activities done well and consistently. Each strategy and tactic gets your name out among other business owners, networks, influencer and potential customers. Being seen goes a long way when it comes to word-of-mouth too and is key when it comes to stopping your business from being invisible.

Visibility versus ability

So often businesses are more successful not because they have more ability, but because they have more visibility. Sadly the reality of this means business is a little like a popularity contest, rather than an ability contest. Audiences consider visibility as the credentials for credibility, which we know is not true, especially when you have something great that will really benefit your customers.

Imagine you are shopping for a new kitchen and start to research online. What pops up are not necessarily the best brands, but the ads from well-known brands, often national brands. Many of which you will have heard of because, although you’ve not bought a new kitchen recently you’ve seen them around. Just because their ad appears doesn’t mean they are better than a small independent kitchen company down the road, who didn’t show up on page one of google. Which means you need to focus on stopping your business from being invisible.

That’s the challenge with online marketing, and budgets.

Visibility tactics that stop your business being invisible

Don’t loose heart, there are plenty to tactics to improve your visibility that won’t break the bank. Online visibility activities include your website, creating content that meet the needs of your target audience, social media, video, webinars and SEO. The trick is to commit to a mix of these activities, as one alone will not solve your challenge of being invisible. Be regular and consistent and keep going, it takes time.

Trying to gain audience awareness for your product and brand is the initial step for winning potential customers. The goal of building awareness is to create interest and intent that generates leads and attracts potential customers.

Consider the following questions

  1. Who are you targeting?

Building awareness means your audience have no knowledge of your business and its product. Before they consider buying from you they need to know who you are, what you’re selling and what benefit you deliver or problem do you solve.

  • Use content to answer questions
  • Use guides and tips to help your audience solve their problems
  1. How do you help customers?

Tell potential customers why they need your products or services. Show them how you can solve their problems and pain points. You may need to help them realise that they have a problem. And make sure you explain the benefits.

Activities that will remove the invisibility cloak

How easily your business or product can be found online is a key contributor to increasing awareness. Most of us turn to google to find answers or carry out research. If you appear on the first page in a search results, you are 80% more likely to have someone click through to your website and see what you have to offer.

Your potential customers are likely to spend 67% of their buyer journey digitally. And all this happens before they will speak to you or your sales team. With the abundance of free information available digitally, buyers want to take control finding information online for themselves. All this points to the importance of the content you create that answers the questions your target audience might be asking.

Strategies that increase your online visibility include: –

  • Creating relevant content and sharing this on your website and across social media
  • Being active on social media. If you are not active you will not be visible. Use your content to gain interest and audience engagement. Don’t sell, you will not engage your audience
  • Attend events: live and virtual
  • Volunteer for speaking engagements at event
  • Networking and offer a presentation that solves a challenge for the audience
  • Participate in online forum and platforms such as Quora
  • Email marketing
  • Blogs and other forms of content such as white papers, e-books, and how-to
  • Ask customers to give you testimonials. Try creating video testimonials
  • Case studies and build testimonials from other customers
  • Create videos that address customer challenges, guides and tips
  • Present yourself as the solution

What makes you different?

Firstly, marketing your business is all about reminding people you exist. Secondly its making sure your business is the first one they think of when they need your service or product. Targeted intelligent marketing allows enables you to reach your target audience, become visible and memorable and stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you take the time to understand what makes you different from your competitors.

Stay consistent. Add value. Be generous.

Consistency is part of building your brand, building your reputation and being visible. If you constantly change your approach, the tone of voice you use, the images you use, people will find it harder to engage and connect to your brand. Consistency builds trust.

Be generous with the content you share, make sure it adds value, is useful and educational to the reader. If you provide value, your audience will want to read more, they will come back and they will remember you. Use your content to build relationships with your audience.

Now you are very visible. As a result you’re also going to benefit from recommendations, an audience that has been engaged with your brand, even if they do not buy from you, will be happy to recommend you.

Increase your business visibility with marketing

Every product we buy, every store we visit, every media message we receive and every choice we make in our consumer society has been shaped by the forces of marketing. With the right mix of marketing activities, strategy and tactic, your business will no longer be invisible.

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