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Using intelligent marketing services, we help businesses, exceed and achieve their commercial goals. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Our results orientated approach will substantially improve your business performance by

  • Attracting and winning your dream customers
  • Generating qualified leads to fill your sales funnel
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Increasing customer loyalty, facilitating opportunities to sell more to them
  • Developing advocates for your business, which will bring you referral business
  • Find new customers in new ways
  • Improve business performance

How can we help you?

We’ll help you achieve smarter outcomes, ensuring you make the most from your investment. Working with Intelligent Marketing you’ll get a dedicated, flexible and efficient service. Great at quickly grasping your current circumstances, to deliver the best solution for your business right now. We’ll be honest too, if we feel you don’t need us – we’ll tell you.

Businesses need different things at different stages of their growth, development and evolution. Even in a difficult market or challenging economic climate, marketing can aid and protect your business, leaving you in poll position when the market improves.

Intelligent Marketing gives you immediate access to marketing expertise, to support you and help you grow your business at whatever stage you are. Our services enable you to tap into our know-how and give you the help you need today.

Best of all you can switch this on and off as you need to, giving you complete flexibility and control of your budgets. Listed below are our key services, however our free consultation will identify what’s most appropriate for you.

Get Started

Our Get Started Packages are perfect if you have no or very little in-house resources, or you’re a new business. Perhaps you don’t really know what you need, so a bit of friendly advice, guidance and hand holding is what you need to get going.

Our Lead Generation Booster is a quick and easy way to give you clarity on what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to lead generation, so you can focus on improved results for your business. We’ll build and deliver a campaign and help you get started. We’ll report back with observations, ideas, suggestions and recommendations for your ongoing activities to generate more leads.

Get Started (from £450) is designed to give real practical help, with immediate results when limited funds are available. If you’re a business that need’s a boost or a start-up businesses, we’ll focus on delivering results that meet your immediate needs and objectives.

Jump Start

The Jumpstart Package (£1,200) will help you get your business recognised, found faster and generating more leads.

Working closely with any marketing resources you already have, this roll up your sleeves approach will give you a boost and is tailored to your unique and particular needs. Including activities that will increase awareness, reputation and trust using tools such as, social media, website, content and email marketing.

By integrating various elements we’ll help build up your marketing capability to feed your sales engine and win more customers.

Marketing Health Check

We all need a check-up from time to time, so why not examine your marketing performance with our Intelligent Marketing Health Check. We’ve found many businesses spending marketing time and money on activities which simply aren’t effective or delivering the desired results. Sometimes they’re focusing on the wrong areas to get the best results.

Our marketing health check looks at every element of marketing activity within your business, regardless of how big or small.


Designed to provide ongoing support and ideal for businesses who want a more comprehensive approach. Typical activities included, but will be customised to your needs, priorities and budget.

  • Audit and review of current activity to generate sales
  • Identification of quick wins
  • Review of channels
  • Recommendation and implementation of new sales winning channels
  • Implementation and management of social media
  • Identification of key target customers – your dream customer
  • Review of customer journey and customer experience
  • Execution of joined up marketing that integrates with your sales and business development
  • Development of strategy

Bespoke and Interim

Benefit from the power of a tailored approach for addressing a specific challenge or tactical need as well as ongoing requirements, management, support and direction. A completely bespoke service based on your commercial goals, resources and budget. This might include assistance such as; –

  • Outsourced Marketing Department or virtual Marketing Director
  • Interim Management
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing management and Implementation
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Email marketing
  • Sales and Marketing tools and collateral development
  • Event and conference Marketing and management
  • Customer journey
  • Operating as a seamless and integral part of your team

Social Media Services

Your customers and prospects are using social media every day and they’ll expect to see you there too. Today, effective social media is an integral part of marketing activities.

Sometimes social media can be time consuming and gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. Perhaps, you’re simply not sure where to put your time and efforts in order to get the best results for your business. When done effectively, social media will make sure that you are found, and deliver real benefits for your business.

Intelligent Marketing can manage your social media channels to ensure you reach and engage with your customers and potential customers. It will drive traffic to your website and support your lead generation activities. We offer social media packages to get you started, maintain and build your social media presence. We will give you some pointers, advice and direction so you can manage social yourself too.

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